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Comprehensive GPS tracking solution that provides insight into all the aspects of your fleet operations such as real-time location tracking, history, fuel efficiency, engine diagnostics, highly customizable reports and alerts, messaging, web navigation and communication to your fleet and many more. All these features are available rapidly, using a simple and intuitive web based interface.

Glovision may update or revise this policy as needed and will reflect the changes on this page with the date of update. Please check this site for updates.

We bring our strong System Integrator expertise in GPS, RF and RFID technologies and offer holistic GPS Tracking solution that meets generic and specific needs of our customers. See the Demo for yourself!


Customer Service

Glovision strengths are the quality, reliability and stability of our system and the continuous support we provide to the customer. We strive to provide one-stop shop experience for the end-to-end GPS tracking system. We stand behind our products and solutions. Our customer support representatives are available 24/7.

Strong Distribution Network

Glovision empowers our certified Resellers and Channel partners who form our backbone reaching out to our customers and performing installations of vehicle trackers across India.

Total Secure System

Glovision strives hard and procures best of the breed technologies, platform and tracker products from our vendors who are aligned with our customer vision. Our competitive edge is our integration from web based application to the trackers. Glovision provides and improves upon the most technologically advanced GPS fleet tracking solution on the market and go beyond traditional approach such as integrating complex technologies such as sensors, accessories, RFID and RF as suited for customer's needs. Built-in security features include "Roles" for controlling access at granular levels such as views, maps and personal information.

Customizable Reports and Alerts

Glovision offers a wide range of customizable reports, alerts, maps, and other features designed to meet the customers' most challenging requirements. Our reports are at par or above as compared to other tracking systems in the fleet tracking industry. These reports provide many valuable and in-depth insights aiding decision making.

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