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GloTrax Tracking System

Glovision provides our GloTraxTM real time tracking system for vehicle and fleet asset management. GloTraxTM platform is highly scalable, feature-rich and supports many kinds of vehicle trackers for various solutions across the world. We customize the platform to fit the needs of our customers.

There are two ways we can provide the system:

  • Cloud deployment: We host the platform on powerful cloud servers and manage the data securely that can be accessed by customers to manager their assets remotely, anytime anywhere using internet browser.
  • Onsite deployment: Contact us for deploying tracking system on your servers.

We also provide host of other system related enhancements such as

  • SMB Tracking
  • Specialized Tracker Communication
  • Integrating Through Web Services


  • Security
  • Mapping
  • Powerful Reports
  • Alerts
  • Geofence
  • Garmin Integration
  • Mobile Access
  • SMS Messaging


Built-in security features include Roles for controlling access at granular levels such as views, maps and personal information. Rather than creating security profiles per each user which becomes unmanageable with growing list of people, a role will be created based on segmented user types. Set of users can be assigned to the role that simplifies user account management.

  • We provide admin to vehicle owner level controls through the roles that offer appropriate access to information.
  • We offer SSL secure website access (https) that authenticates our server to your client browser and encrypts the data at your browser while sending on the wire. This makes sniffing the packet content on the wire very difficult. For details, please refer to https vs. http.


GloVision mapping is powerful and easy to use.

  • See your entire fleet, vehicle group, or a single vehicle easily in a browser.
  • Maps automatically zooms to fit the view. You can zoom in or zoom out to vehicles location.
  • Convenient location details report on the same screen that correlates and links with the map so that you do not have to scroll the browser.
  • Dynamic adjustable map that arranges with the browser frames.
  • See traffic, full-screen street, hybrid, and satellite mapping with configurable vehicle group icon shapes
  • Create geofences of various shapes such as circle or polygon and fill with color of your liking
  • One-click access to a zoomed location, create or view geofences, get driving directions, messaging, and activity trails
  • Create varioius geofences around your warehouses, customers, job sites, etc., to which you can add alerts when entering and exiting geofenced zones.
  • Vehicle information display to see many details at any given trail that is configurable.

Powerful Reports

Glovision provides over 30 reports ranging from driver activities (such as idling, speeding etc.,) to vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and efficiency. All reports can be exported in HTML, HTML Sorted Tables, Excel CSV and XLS formats, XML, Emails and Google Maps.

You can select range of dates and times for historic data reports. Reports will be generated on demand for current activity or scheduled such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Instant Alerts

Alerts are based on powerful rule engine which gives highest amount of granularity in generating various alerts. Alerts are configurable and have filters. Alerts can be sent to users specified via email or SMS text message.

  • Alert Types - Panic button, Speeding, Engine Fault, Periodic Maintenance, geozone arrival/departure etc.
  • Custom - Various custom alerts rules are can be generated such as vehicle door open, high temperature etc. We will work with you to customize any report to your needs.
  • An alert monitor window pops up with details of alert and links to vehicles that are generating alert. You can check this alert monitor at any time to take action.


Glovision allows youy to define Geofences on the maps which are areas/boundaries of significance to trigger alerts, reports of fleet activity.

  • Get detailed insights in the Geofence area activities
  • Geofence can be a circle with a radius or a polygon to precisely define your criteria such as watertank disposal areas, checkpost or stations stops
  • Role based geofencing allows only secure personal to define and view the reports and maps of the fleet activity.
  • Customized alerts to notify when a specific vehicle or group of vehicles enter or leave geofenced zones


You can also define lengthy GeoCorridors along the path of the vehicle and get alerts when the vehicle deviates the corridor.


Integrate RFID active and passive tags with our vehicle tracking system to provide advanced solutions such as school bus management.

Mobile Access

Glovision web application can be easily tracked on any device that have browsers and data connectivity. We deliver web based tracking on all devices such as smartphones and tablets that have browser. No special download is required.

SMS Gateway

Glovision web application is integrated with SMS Gateways for easier communication

  • Send and receive SMS text messages to vehicle trackers to check status, get vehicle location, upgrade over the air firmware etc.
  • Get SMS to your emails

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