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Become our partner with no/minimal initial investment, leverage on your existing network of people and businesses to see good margins. Glovision will host complete tracking system on our servers to which your customer vehicle trackers can be added. We will provide product installation training to your company.

We provide complete view of our customer engagement and ongoing relationship through this portal.

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  • Product Catalogue, Pricing, and Payments
  • Billing and Invoice
  • Make Recurring Purchases and see history
  • Make One-time Purchase
  • Licenses
  • Customer Support Ticketing System
  • Knowledge Base
  • Training
  • Updated Communications


If you would like to resell our services under your own brandname, please provide us the following:

  • Logo of the company, color of the banner
  • URL: (e.g., track.companyname.com)

Certified Technicians

Reseller needs to have a technician to install trackers. There are so many components that can go wrong. Incorrect installations cause many issues throughout the supply chain. We test and find the recipe of working product matrix. Hence installation of trackers should be from a "certified" technician who will use our tested product components and ensure the components work as expected. Literally it means, our technicians train the safe procedures and best practices to your technicians.

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