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About Glovision
  • Glovision Techno Services Private Limited is a leading Systems Integrator and IT Solutions provider company incorporated in Hyderabad, India in June 2013. Glovision started its journey as a GPS-based Asset tracking and Management solution provider and diversified into various Systems and Application Software solution providers in multiple countries.
Seasoned International-Management
  • Our management team comprises technocrats from renowned universities, worked extensively abroad with operational and project management experience.
  • Supplier Ecosystem
    • Glovision has established a professional network of IoT & AI/ML, BlockChain and POS suppliers and provides custom solutions to client needs.
    • Reputed Clientele
      • Over the decade, Glovision has singularly focused on one customer at-a-time and worked hard to build a strong base of reputed global clientele that covers Startups, Entrepreneurs, Public & Private Partnerships, Government, Healthcare, Academics, Transportation, Mining, Online Ordering & Delivery Tracking and eCommerce Market Place
      • Vision Statement
        • Bringing cutting-edge technologies at planet scale to create value-added solutions for customers
        • Mission Statement
          • Defend your assets using technologies. The company brings cutting-edge technology expertise in the fields of Internet Of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Storage Area Networks, Server, Clustering, Application Development, Data Warehouse, Operating Systems and internals, AI/ML, Blockchain and Chip technologies. We have a vision that these powerful technologies will interweave and address many challenging problems faced across industries.
          Rural Employment
          • In the process of taking up turnkey projects, we have been employing from remote sites and rural areas.
          Business Models
          • Glovision understands the client's needs and focuses on higher-level Business Model Innovations than technology, product, process or financial models in isolation.
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