Fleet tracking system
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Explore valuable features of our app that are suitable for your business

Trackers As Per Your Requirement

There are many applications and not one tracker fits all. If you have a special requirement we evaluate your requirement and try to provide the best solution that meets your needs. We can provide customized IoT hardware design & applications if required in large quantities.

Complete Tracking Platform

Dashboard overview, Statistics and Analytics, instant real-time alerts such as geo-zones pre-defined or virtual, device tamper, SOS panic button, wire tamper, and device removal.

Integration To Your Systems

Extensible APIs that allow seamless integration with your systems and workflows.

What’s more in the Application
Explore valuable features of our app that are suitable for your business
Supplier Ecosystem
Our Platform is extensible to support many models and features. 1) Basic Tracker for live tracking and monitoring, history, and alerts such as Overspeed, tamper, Mobile App for iOS and Android 2) Mid-range Tracker that has 4G (5G will be available soon), Dual SIM network, few additional accessories such as remote shut-off, RFID reader, Bluetooth etc. 3) Badge ID for workers that can call up to 4 numbers with SOS 4) Asset tracking with internal battery on per-trip basis ideal for within mining areas and temporary vehicles 5) AIS140 certified tracker as per Government tenders and regulations. For any new model coming up in the market, provide a protocol and tracker configuration guide.
Powerful Alert Notification
Every event sent by the device is checked instantly and triggers customized alerts via email, SMS or push notification to many or specific sets of people.
More about our Application
Explore valuable features of our app that are suitable for your business
Testimonial 1
“ We realized instant benefits upon deployment of their tracking products, 24 X 7 online access to their system, customized dashboard and reports and mobile application. They were very prompt in deploying products and consistently maintained our SLAs (between 95% and 100%) uptime on a daily basis….. We are very pleased with Glovision’s service levels and partnering with us in delivering prestigious state-wide turn-key projects “ GVK EMRI , UTTAR PRADESH
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