Comprehensive eCommerce and Marketplace platform developed for our reputed client brings together products & services from suppliers to commercial customers with credit lines, residential customers, checkout, invoice, payment, inventory management, warehouse stocking and delivery tracking.
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Discounts, Coupons & Loyalty points

Online ordering of products by customers, discounts, coupons, promotions, group discounts, redeemable points and loyalty system.

Commercial Customers

Credit line and balance due check for administrators for commercial customers.

Cart per Store

Cart per Store allows easy switching to other online stores of different businesses from the provider. Get reminder of products not checked out in cart, return back to store and proceed to checkout.

Store Personale

Track new items placed in aisles, columns and rows for easy retrieval by store person. Add box and print QR label, scan and put items into each box. Track all boxes and items per order. Deliver all or some individual boxes from different stores at different times to the customer.

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