We have built solutions for various domains during the pandemic. It is now launch-ready for deployments.

Fleet Tracking in Mines & Plants

Track various types of vehicles, the status of weight in tons picked/weighed/dumped, weigh, hydraulic jack protection, route deviation by geo-fencing, forbidden area zones, waiting time within the zones and between the zones, instant Overspeed alert within the zones and outside zones.

Per Trip tracking

Overcome the challenge of tracking trucks that do not necessarily return back to the source point.

Workforce Tracking, Badge ID, SOS Alerts

Quickly locate workers in remote mining areas during emergencies

Employee Ferrying

Vehicle advanced booking by Managers/Visitors/Staff and get approval by admin staff

Ambulance Tracking

Quickly track Emergency Ambulances and alert callers at remote mines and plants

Rake Tracking Per Trip

Locate the Rake and its wagon carrying minerals & tonnage on a per-trip basis

Clinics & Multi-speciality Hospitals

For single clinics with few beds to multi-speciality Nursing Homes, we have a full suite of modules that can be customized as per the facility and requirements.

Nationwide Healthcare Suite

Glovision has a scalable platform for citizens and providers for online booking, teleconsultation, pharmacy integration for door-stop delivery,

Field Survey

Upload village or plot location surveyed by the field staff.

Tonnage in transit and in yard

Management can find all tonnage summaries and details such as carrying trucks, how many trucks, travelling towards the factory, in the yard, waiting near the weighbridge, going towards the dump point and so on.

Property Tax Survey

Complete geo spatial portal with integrations to a mobile based data collection application and a query and reporting engine to solve real time needs of property mapping and management was successfully developed and deployed

Marketing Site

Empower sales teams to sell better and faster with sales automation CRM software for real estate

CCTV Camera in School Buses

Admin can view video and audio from CCTV Camera both live and recording playback.

RFID Badge IDs

RFID-based Badge IDs for school kids provide safety during daily pickups and drop-offs, emergency contact and parent information.

Parent Mobile App

Reduce the frustration and worries of parents by providing Glovision's school bus live tracking mobile application to parents.

Glo Cab

Cab hailing for corporates & aggregators.

Corporate Reward Program for Employees

Perfect platform to create custom awards to reward the various accomplishments of your employees. Similarly, different team leaders across departments can also create awards to support and appreciate the achievements of their team members.


Insurance policy management platform for customers, corporates, aggregators, distributors, affiliates and agencies.


Event booking system for customers, administration and resort owners

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