Fleet Tracking in Mines & Plants
Track various types of vehicles, the status of weight in tons picked/weighed/dumped, weigh, hydraulic jack protection, route deviation by geo-fencing, forbidden area zones, waiting time within the zones and between the zones, instant Overspeed alert within the zones and outside zones.
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Hydraulic Jack Protection
Tippers with hydraulic jacks should not be travelling while the dumper is properly positioned horizontally. The hydraulic system will be damaged resulting in huge maintenance costs. Besides management is unaware of such driver behaviours. Glovision's IOT instantly alerts admin and drivers if the hydraulic system is not positioned horizontally and the vehicle starts travelling after a specified distance or at a specified speed. Admin will be able to communicate with the driver and impart better practices thereby reducing maintenance costs.
Overspeed Alert
Overspeed in and around mining areas will result in penalties imposed by Government regulations. Glovision generates alerts to admins and drivers to not exceed specified speed limits within geo zone and outside geo zones thereby reducing casualties and penalties.
All Tonnage Status
Management will instantly know the status of trucks and their tonnage at their fingertips. The number of vehicles & tonnage at various places such as in the yard, at the weighbridge, dumped at the heap, collecting from the mines, heading to mines and idle.
Route Deviation by fencing
Glovision helps management to keep the fleet on the specified route without deviations to prevent the theft of minerals. Our IoT instantly alerts if the vehicle deviates route marked by geo-fencing weigh points. Geo-fencing is used for many purposes - specifying routes and getting instant deviation alerts, forbidden area zones, waiting time within the zones and between the zones, Overspeed alerts within the zones
Forbidden Zone
Prevent theft by creating geofence in restricted areas where suspicious activities are known to happen. Glovision system alerts if the vehicle enters these areas
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