Nationwide Healthcare Suite
Glovision has a scalable platform for citizens and providers for online booking, teleconsultation, pharmacy integration for door-stop delivery,
Welcome to our "Nationwide Healthcare Suite"
Explore valuable features of our app that are suitable for your business

Remote Connection Anywhere

Touch-less contact for patients to doctors online to chat, audio call or video call ensuring your privacy.

Paperless prescription

Patient EHR and history documents are visible and accessible while on tele-consultation with the doctor. Integrated ePharma and Home Care helps to get the medication and diagnostic tests at patient's door step.

Easy Registration

Healthcare professional can register online by providing relevant information and upon approval by administration can start live consultation and get fee payments as allowed by administration.

What’s more in the Application
Explore valuable features of our app that are suitable for your business
A Patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of their medical history maintained by the provider over time and may include all of their key clinical administrative information relevant to their care under that provider, such as demographics and progress
Integrated with ePharma
A diagnostic test is any kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of a disease. Diagnostic tests can also be used to provide prognostic information on people with established diseases. Processing of the answers, findings or other results.
Second Opinion
Certain ailments require more consultation from at least one more professional by the patient. Patients can view another doctor's profile, share the relevant history and documents, and book an appointment for teleconsultation or in-person visits as allowable by the aggregator. Results are viewable in patient EHR.
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