Parent Mobile App
Reduce the frustration and worries of parents by providing Glovision's school bus live tracking mobile application to parents.
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Pickup & Drop Off Arrivals
Parents will get a push notification when the school bus is arriving at the pickup or drop-off of the kid.
Delay or Early dispatch
Delays due to traffic or breakdown can be viewed by parents for the bus. Also for any event that leads to early school closure of the day, kids are sent home earlier than scheduled, and parents will be able to view the live location of the school bus.
Breakdown & Replacement
Breakdown alerts of school buses can be sent to parents in the specific school bus route. Admin can change the live tracking to show another transit school bus in place of the breakdown school bus so that parents can know the kid's real-time location.
Change in location
The parent can indicate the kid's pickup or dropoff point change for the specific day. Driver App notification helps to safely allow the kid to be picked up or handed over at the new location.
Caretaker validation
In case the parent cannot pick up the kid at the drop-off point, the parent will indicate the name and contact number of the caretaker via the Parent Mobile App. Driver Mobile App notification helps to validate the new person rather than leaving the kid with strangers.
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